Pmixers High Speed Mixer for Refractory Bricks – Success Story

The production of refractory bricks usually uses Muller mixers or intensive mixers to mix raw materials. However, the high cost of intensive mixers and the low production efficiency of Muller mixers have always been a problem to refractory brick manufacturers.

In April 2023, a refractory material manufacturer in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China, adopted 4 Pmixers high-speed planetary mixers. After one year of stable operation, the preparation effect has been proved very ideal.

In April 2022, after repeated communication and technical verification, they reached a cooperation agreement: to add a 400RPM high-speed rotor on the basis of the vertical planetary mixer. In August 2022, the equipment was installed on site to replace the original 4 muller mixers.

The engineer adjusted the blade angle, height, and material repeatedly according to the actual working conditions on site to meet the customer’s requirements. Not only did it improve the uniformity of the original muller mixer, but it also made it easy to clean and reduced on-site dust.

This project proves that high-speed planetary mixers can be used in the field of brickmaking of refractory materials!

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