Pmixers Planetary UHPC Mixer Employed for Liuting Overpass Rehabilitation


Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) has emerged as a revolutionary material in the construction industry, boasting exceptional strength, toughness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Unlike conventional concrete, UHPC eliminates the need for high-temperature steam curing, making it an ideal choice for bridge maintenance applications.

Case Study: Liuting Overpass Rehabilitation

Constructed in 1991, the Liuting Overpass in Qingdao, China, faced significant deterioration due to corrosion, leading to multiple bridge deck leaks and compromising the integrity of steel reinforcement bars. These issues posed a severe threat to traffic safety. To address these challenges, a comprehensive rehabilitation project was undertaken, utilizing UHPC as the primary repair material.

Pmixers Planetary UHPC Dedicated Mixer: A Superior Solution

Pmixers’ PMH500 special high-speed, high-strength planetary concrete mixer was instrumental in the Liuting Overpass rehabilitation project. Its unique design and capabilities offered several distinct advantages:

  • Mobile Versatility: Mounted on a mobile truck, the PMH500 mixer facilitated efficient transportation to various work sites, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to dispersed mixing locations.
  • Exceptional Mixing Performance: The mixer’s advanced planetary mixing mechanism ensured thorough and uniform blending of UHPC components, resulting in a high-quality material with consistent properties.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The PMH500’s high-speed operation enabled rapid mixing cycles, minimizing production time and expediting the overall repair process.

Successful Rehabilitation and Improved Traffic Safety

The Pmixers PMH500 mixer played a pivotal role in the successful rehabilitation of the Liuting Overpass. The UHPC mixed using this equipment exhibited superior performance, effectively addressing corrosion issues and restoring the structural integrity of the bridge deck. Furthermore, the mobile nature of the mixer facilitated efficient on-site deployment, minimizing road closures and ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow.


The Liuting Overpass rehabilitation project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of UHPC and the Pmixers PMH500 mixer in bridge maintenance applications. By combining advanced material technology with innovative mixing equipment, the project team successfully restored the structural integrity of the bridge, enhancing public safety and extending the lifespan of this critical infrastructure asset.

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