ceramic pc brick mixer

Ceramics PC Brick Mixer

Planetary ceramics PC brick Mixer is a special mixer developed by Pmixers for the production of stone imitation PC brick.
The problem that needs to solve to produce PC stone brick is the product compactness, strength, surface stone imitation effect, quality and output. For the mixer, mixing homogenize, no clumping, zero dead angle, and convenient cleaning is the key.


1. Homogeneous mixing Planetary double speed mixing motion. Mixing arm and scraper are divided into high speed and low speed two parts. The inner part mixing arms are high speed, and they can disperse the materials, so there will be no knot unity phenomenon. The mixing arm and scraper near the outside part are slow, and the main function is to turn the material inside and scrape them inside, so that the material keeps circulating scraping and mixing evenly

2.No dead angle and clean material Mixing tools are planetary motion, do zero dead angle operation in the mixing drum. Meanwhile, at the bottom the side has a special scraper blade. Clean discharge, no residual material

3. Reliable performance and long service life

4.Simple maintenance and convenient cleaning

ceramic pc brick mixer cm1600

Ceramics PC Brick Mixer CM1600

Drum Diameter: 1600 mm

Feeding Capacity: 800kg

Mixing Power: 15kw

Discharging system: Pneumatic Discharge (Hydraulic Discharge Optional)

Ceramics PC Brick Mixer CM1900

Drum Diameter: 1900 mm

Feeding Capacity: 1200kg

Mixing Power: 18.5kw

Discharging system: Pneumatic Discharge (Hydraulic Discharge Optional)

ceramic pc brick mixer cm2200

Ceramics PC Brick Mixer CM2200

Drum Diameter: 2200 mm

Feeding Capacity: 1800kg

Mixing Power: 30kw

Discharging system: Pneumatic Discharge (Hydraulic Discharge Optional)

Ceramics PC Brick Mixer CM2500

Drum Diameter: 2500 mm

Feeding Capacity: 2400kg

Mixing Power: 37kw

Discharging system: Hydraulic Discharge

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