Precast Concrete Mixer

precast concrete mixer for precast plant

Precast concrete mixer is mainly used in the mixing of floor brick bottom material, block brick, PCCP pipe, subway pipe segment, high-speed rail sleeper, PC wall board, pipe pile and other products. Precast concrete is also called dry concrete. Due to the low moisture content, poor fluidity and high strength of dry concrete, precast concrete has higher requirements on the performance of mixer compared with liquid concrete or wet concrete. For dry concrete industry, Pmixers usually adopts the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer, which has the following advantages: 

1. Continuous mixing track, uninterrupted, mixing more uniform. 

2. Zero dead angle.6S-10S time. Mixing tools completely cover the whole mixing drum. Mixing efficiency is high. 

3. The bearing seal is not in direct contact with the materials, and there is no leakage from shaft head of the double-shaft horizontal mixer. Low failure rate. Simple maintenance. 

4. 1-3 discharge doors can be opened according to site requirements. Making the site layout more flexible.

precast concrete mixer pmc500

Precast Concrete Mixer

Output Capacity: 250L/330L/500L/750L

Input Capacity: 375L/500L/750L/1125L 

Mixing Power: 11kw/15kw/18.5kw/30kw 

Discharging system: Pneumatic Discharge (Hydraulic Discharge Optional)

Precast Concrete Mixer

Output Capacity: 1000L/ 1250L/1500L 

Input Capacity: 1500L/1875L/2250L 

Mixing Power: 37kw/45kw/55kw 

Discharging system: Hydraulic Discharge

precast concrete mixer pmc3000

Precast Concrete Mixer

Output Capacity: 2000L/2500L/3000L

Input Capacity: 3000L/3750L/4500L

Mixing Power: 75kw/90kw/110kw

Discharging system: Hydraulic Discharge

precast concrete mixer pmc5000

Precast Concrete Mixer

Output Capacity: 4000L/5000L

Input Capacity: 6000L/7500L

Mixing Power: 160kw/220kw

Discharging system: Hydraulic Discharge

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