Intensive Mixer

Your solution for efficient and cost-effective preparation of raw materials, mixtures, and compounds. Pmixers  intensive mixer stands for  the highest standard mixing technology.

Our intensive mixers are designed to meet a wide range of industrial preparation processes and laboratory applications, with a low-maintenance design and construction. With PMIXERS, you can achieve optimized homogenization of process materials in the shortest possible mixing time, excellent and stable mixing quality with minimal maintenance.


  • Optimized homogenization of process materials
  • Shortest mixing times
  • Excellent and stable product quality
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Variable setup options for machine components and energy input range
  • No demixing, even with ingredients of different densities
  • Hybrid mixing processes with adjustable drives for the rotor and mixing pan
  • Cost-effective operation and high mixing efficiency
  • Reliable reproducibility in terms of product quality and batch times
Technical Specifications
Model Mixing Capacity Weight(KG) Dimensions(mm)
Volume(L) Weight(KG)
R02 3-5 5-8 150kg 815*680*905
R03 5-8 8-10 500kg 760×460×1600
R05 40-50 50-60 850kg 1260×610×2100
R09 110-150 120-180 2800kg 1850×1300×2500
R11 200-300 300-450 4500kg 2320×1500×2315
R15 500-750 750-1000 7500kg 3035×2200×2250
R19 1000-1500 1000-1800 10800kg 3650*2750*2720
R22 2000-2500 2000-2600 16000kg 4300×2800×3100
R24 2500-3000 3000-3500 16000kg 4300×2800×3100

* The data may vary due to different applications, contact us for your project

Industry Application

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