dry mortar mixer

Dry Mortar Mixer

The Pmixers dry mortar mixer is a specialized mixing machine that is primarily used for producing different types of dry powder mortars.  Due to its advanced design and efficient performance, the dry powder mortar mixer has become a preferred choice for large-scale production lines. The machine can handle high volumes of production with ease and is suitable for both small and large construction projects.

These include crack-resistant mortar, insulation mortar, bonding mortar, plastering mortar, floor mortar, and mid-to-high-grade putty powder.

The mixer’s internal structure is designed with a blade-type structure that facilitates efficient mixing by utilizing critical parabolic speed. The material undergoes rapid weight loss, which ensures excellent mixing performance. Furthermore, the strong flipping effect of the mixer accelerates the mixing process, thereby reducing the mixing time.

Key Features

  • Fast mixing speed , with a mixing time of 3-5 minutes per batch,
  • High mixing uniformity.
  • Materials with significant differences in physical properties, such as density, particle size, and shape, are less prone to segregation during mixing.
  • The mixer is equipped with a high-speed rotating blade to effectively disperses fiber materials.
  • The power consumption per ton is low, 60% lower than that of a standard horizontal screw mixer.
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