High pressure cleaning system

High-Pressure Cleaning System

High uniformity and maneuverability for producing concrete mixtures


The high-pressure cleaning system is specially designed for planetary mixers. The system consists of high-pressure cleaning pumps, pipelines, valves, high-pressure three-dimensional rotating nozzles, and automatic control systems.

High-Pressure Cleaning System Working principle

The system consists of a high-pressure pump unit, a high-pressure solenoid valve, a high-pressure three-dimensional rotary nozzle, pipelines, and an electric control system. When working, the high-pressure pump motor in the control system is started by the button, and the high-pressure water is sequentially sprayed out by the three-dimensional rotating nozzle arranged above the mixer through the high-pressure solenoid valve to achieve the function of automatically cleaning the mixing drum.

high pressure wash system control cabinet
high pressure wash system motor
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