lab scale planetary mixer

Laboratory Planetary Mixer

For the highest demands in research, development, and small scale production, our laboratory planetary mixers are used to mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and dissolve samples. They’re widely used in various raw materials mixing,such as UHPC concrete,shaped refractory material, non-shaped refractory materials and glass material etc. 

Engineered to handle a range of volumes from 5-50 liters, our Pmixers laboratory planetary mixers are compatible with numerous processes. They are available in variable speed electric and motors, giving you full control over your small batch mixing. 


1. Occupy small area and convenient for movement. 

2. Satisfy the mixing of various materials. 

3. Suitable for mixing experimental materials such as research institutes, university laboratories, other R&D centers and new materials.

5L lab scale planetary mixer pmc5

Laboratory Planetary Mixer PMC5

Model: PMC5 

Output Capacity: 5L 

Input Capacity: 5L 

Mixing Power: 0.4KW 

Discharging System: pneumatic or manual discharge

20L lab scale planetary mixer pmc20

Laboratory Planetary Mixer PMC20

Model: PMC20 

Output Capacity: 10L 

Input Capacity: 20L 

Mixing Power: 1.5kw 

Discharging system: pneumatic or manual discharge

50L lab scale planetary mixer pmc50

Laboratory Planetary Mixer PMC50

Model: PMC50 

Output Capacity: 50L 

Input Capacity: 75L 

Mixing Power: 2.2kw 

Discharging system: pneumatic discharge

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