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High Speed Pan Mixer

Versatile High-Speed Pan Mixer

The Pmixers pan mixer significantly improves mixing quality while greatly enhancing mixing efficiency. Compared to traditional pan mixers, the mixing efficiency is doubled. It is an ideal mixing equipment for refractory materials, concrete, mortar, and other construction materials. With a mixing capacity ranging from 100 kg to 1000 kg, it meets various on-site construction demands.

Our pan mixer features an integrated design that seamlessly combines mixing, electrical control, and water supply systems, enabling fully automated and efficient small-scale mixing operations.

Key Features

  • High mixing performance
  • Compact Design, easy operation and maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • High wear-resistance lining
  • Equipped with a bag breaker for easy loading
  • Easy to transport

PMIXERS Pan Mixer Specification

Mixing Capacity(kg) Scraper Feeding Height(mm) Mixing Power(kw) Rated Power Weight(kg) Dimension L*W*H(mm)
MT100 100 4 1000 4 AC380V 50HZ 300 1500*1000*1300
MT250 250 5 1150 5.5 AC380V 50HZ 560 1500*1300*1400
MT500 500 5 1300 11 AC380V 50HZ 915 1800*1600*1400
MT800 800 5 1350 15 AC380V 50HZ 1200 1800*2050*1300
MT1000 1000 5 1300 18.5 AC380V50HZ 1500 2500*2200*1500
pan mixer motor and gear box

Gear Box

Heavy duty hard tooth surface reducer with high transmission efficiency, low noise and excellent bearing capacity.

Mixing System

Mxing Arm

The mixing arms are arranged in a layered layout, providing comprehensive coverage to ensure thorough mixing without dead zones, homogeneous mixing are granteed.

Mixing Scraper

Made with high wear-resistant steel, the mixing scraper blades are designed in a triangular shape, with a optimized angle relative to the pan mixer bottom and the direction of material flow, resulting in minimal wear, low resistance, and high efficiency.  Equipped with bottom scraper and wall scraper to ensure thorough mixing.

pan mixer mixing tools
pan mixer

Mixer Body

The interior of pan mixer body is lined with replaceable wear-resistant steel plates, ensuring easy maintenance and long lifespan.

The bases of MT100 and MT250 are designed with adjustable wheels, MT500 and above, are designed with forklift holes for convenient on-site transportation.”

Control System

The electrical control system allows for the adjustment of mixing time and speed as needed. Equipped with overload protection and leakage protection, providing simple and convenient operation.

pan mixer control cabinet


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